The Summit is Over!

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Big thanks to everyone who joined us for the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010 at the Santiago Public Library.

We will soon post videos videos from Summit, but meanwhile you can still read the archived liveblogs in English and Spanish, and check #GV2010 on Twitter.

Global Voices Online gathered a diverse group of bloggers, activists, technologists, journalists from around the world for two days of public discussions and workshops. A two-day internal meeting for Global Voices editors, translators and contributors followed the public gathering.

Latest stories

Open Session (Internal): Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Notes from an (internal) session about the role of Global Voices in conflict prevention and resolution, including a proposal for future activity.

Session Notes: Indigenous languages online – challenges and opportunities

The main focus of the small breakout session was to explore the ways that internet has helped promote the uses of indigenous languages in countries where these languages have not had much presence online.

“Global Voices, the community – an aproximation”

The editor of Global Voices in Spanish shares some post-Summit reflections.

Session Notes: Social Translation

Notes from an open session on online social translation, mostly related to Global Voices Lingua project.

Session Notes: Youth and Online Media

On youth and experiences with integrating youth. Session leader was Emily Jacobi from Digital Democracy.

Session Notes: Measuring the Impact of Citizen Media

Global Voices Executive Director Ivan Sigal led a panel discussion on Measuring and Evaluating the Impact of Citizen Media.

Session Notes: Social movements and social media in Latin America (and elsewhere!)

The person-to-person aspect of social organizing in Latin America (sometimes without dependence on telecommunications).

Session Notes: La nueva Ley de Propiedad Intelectual de Chile: derechos de autor y libertad de expresión

Open Session a cargo de Pedro Less, Gerente de Asuntos Gubernamentales y Políticas Pública de Google para Latinoamérica, y Claudio Ruiz, presidente de la ONG Derechos Digitales de Chile.

Session Notes: Mobiles – The power of the Internet and reporting in your pocket

Given the subject matter about the use of mobile phones, reporting on the breakout session was undertaken via Twitter. Led by Prabhas Pokharel,

Thank you and goodbye!

The fifth Global Voices Summit has come to an end. Thank you and see you again next time!