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Session Notes: Responding to Disaster and Crisis

People from Chile, Taiwan and other countries discussed how Social Media can help in dealing with a crisis or disaster.

Session Notes: Use of citizen media in elections

Filip of GV Macedonia was interested to know if this experience of the Macedonian elections has been replicated in other countries, where both presidential and local tried to measure support for candidates on various social media platforms, and discovered it was possible to predict the outcome of elections base on percentages of support on facebook and other platforms. People from Colombia, Liberia, Sri Lanka, and other countries discussed the topic with him.

Nomad Green: Online Journalism Project in Mongolia

Nomad Green aims to make the Mongolian Citizen's voice heard and their opinions known to the entire world.

Ceasefire Liberia

Ceasefire Liberia is a multimedia project to put Liberian Diaspora in touch with what is happening at home.

Session Notes: Focus on Chile Session

The context in which Blogging and Citizen Media takes place in Chile. This was blogged trying to keep up with the spanish translators so please excuse any information that is missing.

Build up to the Summit

Day1: We're sitting in the auditorium, funky Chilean music coming through the speakers, laptops open everywhere, wi-fi being stretched to capacity in the background. There is a definite feeling of excitement in the air.

10 Tactics at the Gobal Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010

The film “10 Tactics – turning information into action” will be screened on both days of the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010 during the 5pm open sessions.

Bolivia: Learning From Your Neighbors

Sometimes it is not such a bad thing to be a couple of years behind our neighbors when it comes to citizen media. One major advantage is that we can learn from others and watch what has worked.

Will the Internet Change Elections in Colombia This Month?

Mockus is being called the Colombian Obama... but in the US internet penetration is at 78%. Will the power of the social networks truly affect the elections in Colombia, where only 46% of the population has internet access?

Three Stories on the Internet's Impact in China

Three stories over the past two years illustrate the potential impact of the internet on China. So far, though, it remains an outlet for public discontent rather than a force to bring about reform.