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A Discussion on Content Moderation

This panel offers a behind the scenes look at YouTube's content moderation and takedown policies with Victoria Grand; a critical look at Facebook by Jillian York; and Hong Kong content removal and deactivation across a number of platforms with Oiwan Lam. Speakers discussed the importance of context and transparency in dealing with activist content on these platforms.

Moderator: Rebecca MacKinnon
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Thoughts on Global Voices Lingua and the future

Leonard Chien from Taiwan is the director of Global Voices Lingua project. Juan Arellano editor Global Voices in Spanish interviews him in Santiago about the future direction for Global Voices’ online translation community.

More Summit interviews

Ulrike Reinhard from interviewed several Summit participants about their projects and ideas.

An introduction to Tor

Brenda Burrell on Zimbawe and FreedomPhone

Nat Bayjay on Ceasefire Liberia

Hisham on The Mirror