Session Notes: Social Translation

A workshop moderated by Bernardo Parella and Jeremy Clarke

Approx. 20 people attending, mostly from Lingua teams.

Issues being discussed :
– building a social translation platform
– creating multilingual content beside GV

Different meanings of social translation
– translation by community, vs individuals, people working together
– activism, getting involved
– sensibilities of various degrees
– as in Polish Lingua, collaborative work by teachers and students, doing different parts.
– be the person conveying news and amplifying information
– people from different backgrounds and places covering regions not covered
How can people from different countries be attracted to translating, and with what incentives ?
– For the Polish Lingua, there is a correlation between writing posts about Poland, the attractiveness for new translators and tackling new areas (for example, Middle East)
– Do Lingua sites prefer writing about their own country or about others ?

Which is better, one site with integrated translation or separated sites, in other words, one big site which would be unified except for translated items ? The antagonistic arguments are,
– on one side, a site defines itself by identity, best example : Lingua Aymara
– on the other side, collaborative translation on one piece; multilingual cooperation between journalists and translators outside GV

A model for collaboration ?
– there is no only model, because of all differences in languages, situations inside the countries, etc
– how to first find about individual situations
– sharing experiences between teams
– it would be so restrictive to try and unify the ways of working. Some sites feel alone, other ones have developed a sense of community feeling ;
– lack of general understanding of their language gives Lingua sites an autonomy of decision and makes the system smoother
– knowing what other Linguas are doing, building on Lingua experience to make some community model with specifics of each community
– GV as a pioneering model in the new world of information of today

incentives are needed
Translators are primarily attracted par GV in itself
relations between translators and authors
It is important that the translators tell the authors about their own questions. They should use more often the email the author function
Feedback from the authors is in great need good or bad. It is important to feel the translation editor cares about choosing titles, changing a word.

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