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Global Voices Summits – Meeting face to face

Global Voices convenes a biennial Summit which brings together the members of the Global Voices project and its wider community with a diverse group of bloggers, technologists, journalists and other interested persons, to share information on developments in citizen media spearheaded by and of direct relevance to people outside North America and Western Europe.

I'm Attending Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010

The Summit also provides an opportunity for contributors to the Global Voices project – who live all over the world – to meet in person and discuss the future direction of the organization in a closed two-day meeting following the public event. Previous Summits have taken place in London, UK, New Delhi, India, and Hungary.

Global Voices Summit 2010 – Santiago, Chile

The Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010 will be held in Santiago, Chile. The theme of the meeting is ”Next generation citizen media, public access and citizen participation.” The public event is scheduled for May 6-7 for two days of lively public sessions, followed by the internal meeting for members of the Global Voices community.

The meeting will assess the current state of global citizen media and explore important developments taking place primarily outside North America and Western Europe. Maturing online communities are taking advantage of access to public information, pushing for inclusive dialog, and helping create more effective and transparent governance. Summit participants will look at the emerging generation of citizen media practice and its social and political impacts. How is the advent of the networked public sphere influencing what we know, who we know, how we prioritize? What does it mean for news, storytelling, community values, governance, education?

The Global Voices Citizen Media Summit will explore what happens as we move beyond the debates that view digital media as inherently unifying or divisive and separate from real-world activities, and on to the more complex questions of how to design and build useful, compelling digital media projects and communities in the developing world.

We will update the summit website with more information about the program, how to engage, and sponsors over the next few weeks.

All summit sessions are open to the public.

For more information about the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit, please contact Georgia Popplewell.

Santiago Public LibrarySantiago Public Library by Raúl Pérez

Summit Location

While Chile is widely recognised as a global model of good practice with regard to its deployment of ICTs in areas such as education, few outside the country are aware that the country has one of the most innovative and vibrant citizen journalism communities in the world. Web publications such as Diario Ciudadanos, Publimetro, and El Ciudadano are pioneers in the areas of citizen reporting and open content. Innovative projects such as Vota Inteligente, which monitors the activities of Chilean parliamentarians, have been working to involve more of the country's citizens in decision-making processes. Numerous activist blogs demonstrate a high level of committed civic engagement that leads to social change and a dynamic public life. Creative Commons Chile is one of the most active and influential CC chapters worldwide.

Chile is also at the forefront of digital access, boasting a highly networked national library system that weds access with skills training in an environment that encourages civic participation. Chilean government institutions like the library network and the Ministry of Education are strong supporters of civic participation and the free software and free culture movements.

The event will be held at the Santiago Public Library.